Internet Service

Keeping up with a world of ever-changing information, communicating quickly, easily and cost effectively, presenting your company to millions of potential clients …all part of your business plans…all available via the Internet. As time passes, companies are realizing the necessity of having access to the Internet and internal Intranets in order to keep their business on the cutting edge, no matter what the field. Benefits ranging from enhanced communication to research and data publishing are made available through Infonet Trading Corps' Internet Service Offerings. Infonet Trading Corp is ready with the expertise in Internet/Intranet Services to provide the full gamut of services capable of being modified and combined to meet your specific objectives. From consulting to integration and creation to maintenance, Infonet Trading Corp is your one-stop shop for utilizing the Internet/Intranet to accomplish your company's business goals.

Our Internet Offerings Include:

Firewall Security
Security is not a luxury, it's a necessity for companies who need Internet access but have sensitive corporate data. Infonet Trading Corp offers a number of configuration options for our customers to chose from to create the most efficient way of providing the maximum protection of important data.

Web Site Design
Infonet Trading Corp teams with professional designers to achieve a site with the exact graphic look and feel to meet your style and objectives. Additional offerings include consulting and programming services that allow you entrance into the electronic commerce era.

Web Site/Home Page Hosting
Full home page hosting services are also a part of what we have to offer. Web Sites can range from a simple one page HTML programmed page to a highly complex layout that integrates forms, databases, catalogs and on-the-fly page creation.

Internet Services